A White Paper Focusing on the Ever-Increasing Importance of Eliminating Paper, as Emphasized by the Pandemic.

AP Automation & Raindrops Make Waterfalls

This White Paper reveals why traditional manual invoice processes are broken and recommends automation opportunities to improve and streamline your Invoice-to-Pay processes while leveraging the innovative AP Automation tools provided by Invoice Stream.


75% of Suppliers are still submitting invoices via paper for payment

45% of Supplier payments are still made via paper, a number that increased from 2019 to 2020

Manual processes involving the handling of paper are costly, inefficient, and environmentally unsustainable.

  • The cost to process a single invoice manually is upwards of  $13 – processing invoices electronically can reduce this cost by 6 x’s
  • Manual processes are error-prone (the “bane of AP’s existence”, Ardent Partners), increase the time to post, and bloat approval timeframes
  • Adding Electronic Payments to your AP process; more specifically, paying Suppliers electronically, has the following benefits according to a 2020 Ardent Partners study:
    • Eliminates Friction

    • Reduces Fraud
    • Increases Visibility & Control
    • Improves Cashflows
  • Going paperless has the potential to save millions of trees annually!

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Equipping Accounts Payable departments and professionals with the right tools enables your organization to excel even in tough economic times. Joining the Invoice Stream platform to drive automation across the AP spectrum is accomplished with no IT resources or up-front investment, and allows for Working Capital Optimization through early pay discounts, payment acceleration offers and reallocation of resources.

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